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Home Automation

Take your home to the next level

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With today’s technology home owners can now take control of their homes. Diaz Tech Services is at the forefront of this innovation, bringing homeowners technological upgrades that make their homes more comfortable and secure.


Picture driving away from your home and you can not remember if you left any lights on or closed the garage door. What if you forgot to lock your doors? Your home automation system can take care of these features.


The opportunities for integration are endless. We will listen to your needs and suggest the best options to start your home automation.  


Shading ecosystems that integrate with popular voice command products such as Alexa and Google Home.


Wide array of wired and wireless control for when physical control is desired.


Automation based on the astronomical clock, and scenes to engage multiple systems simultaneously.

Transform a space in to a comfort zone using preset levels of light, music, and more

Dedicated light switches and keypads provide options for scene controls 

Control your home’s heating and cooling from anywhere with an energy efficient smart thermostat

Indoor and Outdoor Motorised Shades 

Integrate your smart devices using voice command

Lock and unlock from anywhere with smart locks 

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